jeudi 22 avril 2004

Poelvoorde is 'Claude Francois'

I saw Podium last Friday and it's great! Poelvoorde is really a great actor (he'll be in the Jury of the Cannes Film Festival), but the film is more than just a one-man-show: Julie Depardieu (yes, the daughter of Gerard! ;-)) is beautiful and sincere; also Jean-Paul Rouve was just fantastic!

lundi 19 avril 2004

gnujaxp will stay gpl+linking exception

Thanks to Julian Scheid who wrote the gnu.xml.libxmlj.transform classes (+ C code). He agreed the FSF to be the copyright holder of his classes and to change the license to GPL+linking exception! I'll work on patches this week so it'll be possible to sync GNUJaxp in GNU Classpath and SableVM.

mercredi 14 avril 2004

No Free Java Plugin for Mozilla (at the moment)

I did respond to a frequently ask question about the java plugin in Debian. The question comes once a week on debian-powerpc so I did write a page to explain the evolution of the project of Michael Koch or an alternative with Konqueror. Happy reading:

jeudi 8 avril 2004

libcommons-collections-java to main

I've NMU libcommons-collections-java, closed some bugs and move it to main!

GNU-jaxp and xsl transformation

I've been working on something completely new to me: auto7ool5! Another completely new thing to me is C/C++ and JNI. But well, the java part seems to build just as it should and the jar file seems to be good... If someone can help to clean up and and also to build something like a f@#, I'd be very glad! ;-) Here is the Release Candidate:
Thanks for your help ;-)
NOTE: When the whole thing will be OK, it'll be possible to get gjdoc in a better shape...

mardi 6 avril 2004

I'm a biped!

A week skiing at Risoul, France. Great time with friends but first morning I tried snowboard... My knees has swell two times! Back to ski for the rest of the week! ;-) The problem with snowboard (when you begin) is that you have fantastic sensations when you make some progress, but the more you progress, the more the falls hurt! I'm definitely a biped! ;-)