lundi 8 août 2005

Gmail reports debian bts and cvs notifications as spam!

It's been one month now that I redirect some of my mail accounts to gmail to use there spam filter... but since July 21 or so, all the Kaffe CVS notifications, pkg-java-commits, BTS notifications, some bug reports have been reported as spam! I think I read some mails, I don't know if it's because I was personally Cc'ed but I'm sure I did not receive a lot of them!

I'm very sorry if I did not respond to some of you, I'll go more often on Gmail to 'unspam' :-D

dimanche 7 août 2005

ant is going to main!..

many many many thanks to Wolfgang Baer who did what we all want: ant is goind to main!

vendredi 5 août 2005

Married for 5 years!

Yes, it's today. I was thinking about a party for month and of course I forget to plan everything!.. But well, we are still super happy with the marriage ;-)... and the house takes a lot of time!