mardi 27 février 2007

Fosdem 2007


Like last year, I did not help Pascal to manage the devrooms. I'd like to be more helpfull so as a lot of people I made a little donation and get a FOSDEM2007 t-shirt. The event was even better than last year (even if I think it's also cool last year except the wifi was not working last year).

This is the first time since 2004 that I don't meet Wouter! I hope we'll meet next Debian or FOSDEM meeting.


Is it me or are there more and more women involved in open source? This is one of the great news form this year.

Famous People

This is the most famous picture I have since I played with Bjorn Borg when I was 10:

Arnaud, Tom Tromey, Simon Phipps
De 2007-02-fosdem

From foreground to background: Me, Tom Tromey (GCJ, Fedora, autotools, etc etc etc), Simon Phipps (Mister Open Source at Sun Microsystems). (Thanks to Stephane Meslin-Weber for taking the picture (and others). (You can't see them on the picture but there were DevJammers all around!)

OpenJDK: Wow to Sun!

Since the announce from Sun that they will Open Source Java and my complain about the way they did it in Debian (without even asking publicly to the Debian-Java team), they did a lot of progress. I and other members of Debian-Java had a lot of contacts with Tom Marble and we do still have a lot of contacts with him (he often comes to #debian-java).

The first things they did was to explain their point of view about the surprising announce and also listen to our complains and try to find a way to work with us (and it's not that easy, every Debian Dev can say that ;-)).

Second, they came with the strong staff from OpenJDK at the FOSDEM, crossing the Ocean for the whole weekend to exchange point of views with DevJam (GNU Classpath, Free VM's and all the distribution's java team). They did not come to say how they will do things, they came to find the better way to work in collaboration with the community!

Third, they prepared and managed the meeting in a very professional and deep way. They know the subject and when there is a gap, they did not try to provide a one way solution, but they proposed solutions and they were open to proposals.

Many thanks to the Sun's staff for the good work and I hope the collaboration will be successful for Sun and for Free Software.


As usual, it was a super great pleasure to meet Mark Wielaard, Dalibor Topic, Michael Koch, Roman Kennke, Robert Schuster, those I already cite in this blog and others (those I forgot and those I did not know yet) ;-)


Thanks to the FOSDEM team and to all the DevJammer's (include those from Sun ;-)).

mercredi 21 février 2007

Le Grand Content

I did not check the status of free flash under GNU/Linux PPC so sometimes, I reboot on iBSD (I meant MacOSX) and spend some time on Youtube. I saw this wonderful video from Le Grand Content (it's in English).

Update: The website of the author with more open movies: