jeudi 3 août 2006

Debian packages upload

Yesterday, I uploaded libcommons-collection3-java to add the testframework jar (bug#268223). I investigate the security alert for tomcat5 (CVE2006-3835) as mentioned by Alec Berryman in bug#380361. Alec also filed this bug for tomcat5.5 but I was not able to reproduce the attack with the releases of tomcat in Debian. I filed a removal bug for libgnujaxp-java (bug#381014) which is in GNU-Classpath for a long time now. I uploaded a new upstream of libapache(2)-mod-jk (bug#338158).

Today, I uploaded libmsv-xsdlib-java (the package was prepared by Eric Lavarde, but it was refused by ftpmasters because of the license) to non-free and solved the FTBFS of libjaxp1.3-java reported by Andreas Jochens (bug#379530).

Except the security alert I closed because I think they were not affected releases of tomcat in Debian, I did not investigate more bugs of tomcat. But I'll need it for my day-time and extra jobs so I hope I'll be working on it after augustus 15.


I'm trying to fix argouml in Debian and that's a huge job (well, the whole afternoon!)!

  1. Update libtoolbar-java (new upstream + comment issue#6);

  2. Update libswidgets-java (new upstream + comment issue#1);

  3. Downgrade libgef-java to match ArgoUML development;

  4. Update ArgoUML from 0.19.6 to 0.22.beta3 (new upstream + open issue#4391 and issue#4392). The main developer of ArgoUML said in the mailing list that this release will not be that much different to the final release and the new upstream upload (plus some corrections in the package) will permit to close some bugs: bug#342200, bug#217878, bug#335294, bug#353464, bug#368244, bug#289241.

Even with all this work, argouml does not want to start on my laptop. It's a problem loading the 'models'. I suspect a problem with the new mdr-model that I do not build because of dependencies not documented and not DFSG free.

So I uploaded every package except argouml. I updated the subversion repository so the work is not lost and I'll review the problem as soon as possible. You can find a copy of the generated package at my Debian's webspace (click on the argouml directory).

mardi 1 août 2006

New upstreams...

I've just upload new upstream (new for Debian, not really brand new! ;-)) of libgnucrypto-java, libcommons-httpclient-java. The first upload will solve the libjessie-java FTBFS. I'll work on new upstream of libcommons-net-java, then, I'll track down Tomcat5 and Tomcat5.5 bugs.