lundi 27 juin 2005

moving: d -6

Repairing the floor, repairing the walls... (if you read this, you also know I can't work on my Debian packages at the moment, nor on fr33 j4v4)

samedi 11 juin 2005

Tomcat5 in experimental... to experiment!

I've been talking about this package for a long time so I did upload it now in experimental. Be aware that I've not been able to run tomcat5 at the moment. The package build with free tools, every pieces must be in the right location, so nothing should break your system, but... tomcat5 can't run. If someone can help...

mercredi 8 juin 2005

First steps in Python

Cool language. I only wrote two simple few lines test scripts but it's really simple, fast to learn and really cool (well, maybe not as well as java ;-))

mardi 7 juin 2005

Sarge is out!

Congratulations to all the Debian Developers and special thanks to the release team. I'm so proud to be part of this wonderful project.