vendredi 13 avril 2007

libhibernate-java Take 4, fop and other updates


libhibernate-java: trove

I'm still working on trove (#418678) but I can't generate some classes (SourceForge/trove4j#1699401).

pja, fop, batik and others

I'm also working on pja (#374118 this one is done, but I'd like to build it with gcj #261373), fop (done (committed in svn): #407018, #363556, #374117, #349376, #406109; todo: #271654, #366783, #397602) and batik (#397562).

I also asked on debian-java list: Should we remove xerces-j 1.1.4 from Debian?: argouml (#418864) and arbortext-catalog (#418844) are the only remaining packages that depend on libxerces-java (libxerces2-java is in Debian of course!). While making a patch for arbortext-catalog, I saw they don't build java classes from sources (#418866 and xerces-j can't be built from sources any more (#418841).

I have problems with xmlgraphics-commons (#418996) but I hope we'll be able to get TIFF support with xmlgraphics-commons with gcj. Same problem for fop and batik who use Sun private classes.

jeudi 12 avril 2007

libhibernate-java Take 3

I was trying to build jarjar (#417591). It was needed by cglib (#386101) but upstream told me I could build it without jarjar. But then, I found cglib needed aspectwerkz (#418579).

Aspectwerkz needs qdox (#323043 and #418673); trove (#418678); and jrexx (#418681).

I uploaded jrexx, it's in the new queue. I hope there are not so many dependencies I haven't discover!

mercredi 4 avril 2007

libhibernate-java Take 2

As I already wrote (it was the take 1), I'm working on packaging Hibernate (then Spring, then Jboss, then Jonas but dont' tell, it's the secret plan!).

The first step has been done, #386100 (ITP: c3p0) is pending. I uploaded it to experimental because it needed a method in that is only in gcj experimental.

The next step is to package cglib (#386101). I discover cglib embed asm in its jar and change the package name of the classes. The tool used to do that is called jarjar from Tonic Systems. So I have to package it first (#417591). I'm not sure it's a very good idea and I started a discussion in the cglib forum... and one of the developers already answered... FLOSS is too cool ;-). I'll try to see if it's possible to package both jars (one with asm, the other one without it).

Michael Koch and I discussed about the name of the package: jboss-hibernate. And we concluded that we'll call the source package the same name the binary package: libhibernate-java. I retitled #385569.

After that, there will still be two blocking bugs to package libhibernate-java:
  • #386102: ITP: javassist -- library for editing bytecodes in Java;

  • #386103: ITP: ehcache -- distributed cache library;