lundi 22 septembre 2008

Comprendre unicode

mardi 12 août 2008

Futur of Web Browsers

jeudi 5 juin 2008


I've just seen the appframework @ I'll try this framework and maybe integrate it in our cursus. It seems pretty cool to design Swing based applications. Introduction article. Article at JavaLobby

mercredi 26 mars 2008


A friend told me about Renoise, and browsing their site, I click on that page and I listened to all the titles, really cool! ;-)

mardi 19 février 2008

No FOSDEM for me this year

I intended to attend to the FOSDEM as past years but it won't be possible :'( I'm too late for too many things and I have to spend my weekends trying to catch with those things.

I wanna attend to the Java DevJam but I removed my name. I hope I'll be able to fix things and meet another time or next year.