mercredi 21 juillet 2004

Ten Days Off!..

Sunday @ Voorhuit: 10daysoff... strong! It's the third time we go there with my best friend. First year, we saw Idjut Boys (...) and a female dj from Paris (she did kick our ass!): Clementine; second years, we were completely wet dancing with 2ManyDJ's! This year, we saw a legend: Francois Kevorkian. As far as I know, he mixed only with his computer!.. What was the soft?! It could be mixxx but I'm afraid it's something proprietary :'(... who knows? We also danced on Luke Vibert (also known as Wagon Christ - last album: sorry i make you lush). He played music only with his Apple Powerbook 15"! What a live! Excellent!.. but what was the software?.. Rosegarden4? Ardour? The two lasts are in Debian... mixxx isn't yet. By the way, I got a lot of things to learn with Linux and Sound(s)... I hope a good start will be the portal...

mardi 20 juillet 2004

Debian-(free-)java front!

kaffe in testing
Kaffe entered to testing last night! This is a great news because a lot of the effort in MovingJavaToMain was based on building these java packages with Kaffe. Another good news is that a lot of these packages can now be build with SableVM (which is also in testing). We have two powerful free java virtual machines in main and in testing. Of course, there is also gcj/gij and a new virtual machine has just enter the pool, packaged by Michael Koch: jamvm.
libservlet2.3-java in main
The other great thing yesterday was the move of libservlet2.3-java from contrib to main. This will make it possible to move approximatively 5 packages from contrib to main!

dimanche 11 juillet 2004


Four more Java packages have reach Debian main... libservlet2.3-java is in the queue...