samedi 24 novembre 2007

Eclipse with IcedTea on Debian Lenny PowerPC

Mise en ligne par avdyk
I just launch it and was so surprised that I wanna blog about it. I don't know how it works but Eclipse starts as fast enough for me (maybe faster than IBM's JVM, I don't know) and I can't beleive it! :-D

Read previous blog to have instructions to build it (and again thanks to Sun, Gary Benson and all those who make it possible!)

IcedTea is served: openjdk/control/build/linux-ppc

Control build finished: 07-11-24 22:25

Many thanks to Sun and all the RedHat team (especially Gary Benson) we have IcedTea on PowerPC!

Here are the DebianBuildInstructions:

jeudi 1 novembre 2007

No new laptop

Someone stole one of my co-worker's laptop. It's really sad, of
course, as you can imagine, no backup! All the staff has been
backuping private data on the next day! Now, there is a bad mood at
work where every trainer lock the door when (s)he teaches :(

Another bad news is the assurance does not work because it was during
the work and there is no infraction. So we'll lost nearly €3000. That
means I can forget my new laptop this year :'(

I'll be looking closer at the work of Garry Benson on the powerpc
port of IcedTea.