lundi 13 décembre 2004

Debian supports free java

One of the things every Java developer can do is to test their programs with free runtime and report the results. As a Debian Developer, and Java trainer, I'd like to help Free Java Software. So I made a web page where I'll put results of running little projects for my trainees with Free JVM's. I added a page to the Java.Debian.Net's Wiki: and added a first link to the webpage where the results are:

dimanche 12 décembre 2004

new kaffe snapshot from CVS HEAD in Debian unstable

kaffe (2:1.1.4.PRECVS5-1) unstable; urgency=low
* New upstream release (CVS HEAD):
* patch from Casey Marshall make it possible to run tomcat5 with kaffe
(closes: #281717), new upstream should also work with Linux kernel
2.6.9 (closes: #280664).
* Dalibor Topic fixed the build on IA64 (closes: #284177)
* debian/patches/main.c.patch: removed (applied upstream)
* debian/old-patches: removed because 00JNIPatch, 03SparcPatch, do not
apply no more.
* debian/unpatches: removed because 01Unix-JThread-_Signal_cPatch,
02SoundPatch, do not apply no more.
* debian/man/javah.kaffe.1: added (closes: #284034).

Please, test heavily, file bug reports (or re-open those which should not have been closed). If everything is ok, I'll ask on debian-release to let it go to Sarge if it's still possible

samedi 4 décembre 2004

December TODO list!

I got to write it somewhere or I'll forgot!
  1. Mauve Test Cases (january 6 2005: nearly done!.. some more tests in internal classes) for javax.swing.text.StringContent (and write the class)
  2. Update Tomcat4.1.31 in Debian (january 6 2005: done)
  3. Build Tomcat5 for Debian
  4. Upload GNU JMI in Debian
  5. Update ArgoUML in Debian
  6. Update kaffe in Debian
  7. Update gjdoc in Debian
  8. Update GNU JAXP in Debian