mercredi 21 décembre 2005

What about JSF in Debian?

And what about Java Server Faces (JSF) in Debian? We already have Struts and it seems JSF could replace it. While googling around, I found a lot of websites, tutorials, plugins and so. It seems the JSF community is growing and the API seems powerful. I already work with Struts, maybe I have to have a look at this promising technology too.

If we put JSF to Debian, maybe we should start with release 1.1 because of the lack of free J2SE50 at the moment (even if ecj, classpath-generic-branche, jamvm are very promising). We'll need (list of dependencies):

mardi 20 décembre 2005

Google AdSense

eDev est inscrit au programme Google Ad Sense. En fonction des résultats, je proposerai ce service aux clients eDev. Si eDev peut obtenir des revenus, il est certain que je ferai alors moi-même de la publicité.

jeudi 8 décembre 2005

jai-core in Debian?

Mid October, I contacted the jai-core project on to change the license to a free/open source one: Issue35. He just replyed he is accepting the issue. This could be very good for fop or other packages that use jai in Debian. Many thanks to aastha!

Note from the website:

This project contains the source code for the core Java Advanced Imaging API reference implementation containing the packages* and*

mardi 6 décembre 2005

MDR is not DFSG-compatible

Wolfgang was right about SPL not being free. MDR is a library that ArgoUML will use. ArgoUML is in contrib at the moment because of Swing issues so it can't be built and run with free software, but there are a lot of progresses in free Classpath based runtime. But now that ArgoUML will switch to MDR, we have another problem: SPL. It seems that SPL is not DFSG-compatible. Bad. I filed an issue on the Netbeans website (Issue#73161) to ask if they could change the license to one DFSG-compatible. If it's not possible, I'll have to package MDR to non-free and leave ArgoUML in contrib.

lundi 5 décembre 2005

Escaping the Java Trap, roadmap...

Mark Wielaard posted this yesterday:

Escaping the Java Trap

A practical road map to the Free Software and Open Source alternatives

For the last couple of years the community has been working to

ensure that developers can create applications using the java

programming language without having to depend on proprietary

software. Today, the free (as in libre) implementations are

already very capable and support a vast amount of functionality

that developers expect from a java-like environment. Important

large applications like JOnAS, 2, Eclipse 3 and

Tomcat 5 are known to work. This document provides a road map of

the various projects; how they work together, where they are,

where they're going, and how we make sure that they work well

and are compatible.

Thanks Mark, very useful informations.

Nouveau look pour le site

Je viens de mettre en ligne un nouveau look pour le site. Je n'utilise pas de table, uniquement des div, span et des css. Merci à Michelle pour la photo détourée.

jeudi 1 décembre 2005 achats en ligne

Depuis ce 1er décembre, les achats sont possibles sur le site

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