lundi 10 octobre 2005

#3 We Won't Hide Problems

The third point of the Debian Social Contract says that we won't hide the problems. In GNU Classpath we are now 94% of the JDK 1.4 compatibility (see the Japitool daily report), but as discussed at the Oldenburg DevJam, we must admit that there are methods that just do nothing. Being API compatible is great, but in the past, there were stubs methods (no one deos it for more than a year or two). From CVS tonight:
(sid)arnaud@oz:~/gnu/classpath$ find -name '*.java' |

xargs egrep '(TODO|FIXME|(not|Not) (I|i)mplemented|XXX|UnsupportedOperationException)' | wc -l


We need to tag all these FIXEME and TODO comments and process it with gjdoc and an XSLT stylesheet so we can easily see were we have to put our efforts.