lundi 21 mai 2007

Inside the Digital Dump

Technology drives the forces of globalization. But when we replace our computers and flat-screens with the newest in high-tech cool, what happens to the hardware we throw away? Read the article at Foreign Policy

vendredi 11 mai 2007

libjarjar-java_1.0~rc3.dfsg.1-1 in the new queue

but if you can't wait, you can add my people.d.o repo.
    Next step:
  • #418678 ITP: trove4j -- high performance collections for java objects and primitive type

  • #418579 ITP: aspectwerkz -- AOP framework for Jav

  • #386101 ITP: cglib -- code generation library for Java

  • #419363 ITP: xmlcommons-external -- stable version of XMI-related externally-defined standards-based code

  • #417888 batik: new upstream version

  • #419761 libstruts1.2-java: newer upstream versions available

Also, while building jarjar, I submitted some patches to fix warnings (but I don't see my mail on the list archive at the moment).

jeudi 10 mai 2007

fop 0.93 in Debian

I've uploaded fop 0.93 in Debian. As it's a new upstream, it'd take some time (or could be rejected if I messed up!). In the mean time, you can add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb ./
deb-src ./

With these lines, you'll be able to get libxmlgraphics-commons-java (which is needed by fop). This is a new lib so it's not yet in the archive, that's why you could have problems to install fop at the moment: #423196.

Some Debian work...


    New packages accepted
  • libjazzy-java_0.5.1a-3
  • qdox_1.6.1-1
  • libxmlgraphics-commons-java_1.1.dfsg.1-1
  • jrexx_1.1.1-1
  • c3p0_0.9.1.1.dfsg.1-1

    New uploads
  • xmlgraphics-commons_1.1.dfsg.2-1 (move to contrib because it needs jpeg codecs from sun.* classes) (waiting for FTP-masters)
  • libcommons-lang-java_2.3-1
  • javassist_3.4.dfsg.1-1 (re-upload because I messed debian/copyright... sorry ftp-masters)