mercredi 21 décembre 2005

What about JSF in Debian?

And what about Java Server Faces (JSF) in Debian? We already have Struts and it seems JSF could replace it. While googling around, I found a lot of websites, tutorials, plugins and so. It seems the JSF community is growing and the API seems powerful. I already work with Struts, maybe I have to have a look at this promising technology too.

If we put JSF to Debian, maybe we should start with release 1.1 because of the lack of free J2SE50 at the moment (even if ecj, classpath-generic-branche, jamvm are very promising). We'll need (list of dependencies):

mardi 20 décembre 2005

Google AdSense

eDev est inscrit au programme Google Ad Sense. En fonction des résultats, je proposerai ce service aux clients eDev. Si eDev peut obtenir des revenus, il est certain que je ferai alors moi-même de la publicité.

jeudi 8 décembre 2005

jai-core in Debian?

Mid October, I contacted the jai-core project on to change the license to a free/open source one: Issue35. He just replyed he is accepting the issue. This could be very good for fop or other packages that use jai in Debian. Many thanks to aastha!

Note from the website:

This project contains the source code for the core Java Advanced Imaging API reference implementation containing the packages* and*

mardi 6 décembre 2005

MDR is not DFSG-compatible

Wolfgang was right about SPL not being free. MDR is a library that ArgoUML will use. ArgoUML is in contrib at the moment because of Swing issues so it can't be built and run with free software, but there are a lot of progresses in free Classpath based runtime. But now that ArgoUML will switch to MDR, we have another problem: SPL. It seems that SPL is not DFSG-compatible. Bad. I filed an issue on the Netbeans website (Issue#73161) to ask if they could change the license to one DFSG-compatible. If it's not possible, I'll have to package MDR to non-free and leave ArgoUML in contrib.

lundi 5 décembre 2005

Escaping the Java Trap, roadmap...

Mark Wielaard posted this yesterday:

Escaping the Java Trap

A practical road map to the Free Software and Open Source alternatives

For the last couple of years the community has been working to

ensure that developers can create applications using the java

programming language without having to depend on proprietary

software. Today, the free (as in libre) implementations are

already very capable and support a vast amount of functionality

that developers expect from a java-like environment. Important

large applications like JOnAS, 2, Eclipse 3 and

Tomcat 5 are known to work. This document provides a road map of

the various projects; how they work together, where they are,

where they're going, and how we make sure that they work well

and are compatible.

Thanks Mark, very useful informations.

Nouveau look pour le site

Je viens de mettre en ligne un nouveau look pour le site. Je n'utilise pas de table, uniquement des div, span et des css. Merci à Michelle pour la photo détourée.

jeudi 1 décembre 2005 achats en ligne

Depuis ce 1er décembre, les achats sont possibles sur le site

[Update janvier 2009: ce site n'est plus un client de eDev]

mercredi 30 novembre 2005

What about Classpath 1.1?

Yes, we already talked about it sometimes: what is the compatibility target of GNU Classpath with the official Sun's Java classes library? Everybody skipped JDK1.0. About JDK1.1, there are two objections: the first is who does still use JDK1.1?; the second is with all those progresses in Swing, XML and all the API's that are not in JDK1.1, it'd be a strange idea to remove all these API's from Classpath! Imagine the work of all the hackers involved. I can understand the two points and I even agree with them. But we have at the time I write this entry Classpath is 99.78% compatible with the JDK1.1 API! OK, you can say that Classpath is 97.61%, but there is still some non trivial work to be done in packages javax.swing.text, javax.swing.text.html, and maybe in some other packages.

The point of this blog entry is: Couldn't someone ask Sun for passing the TCK1.1 with Classpath? The someone could be Debian (of course, I have to ask other developers, the DPL and maybe the SPI) if the license of the TCK is acceptable and if it's not too expansive. But well... it's for TCK1.1!.. It shouldn't be so expansive ;-)

I'm sure the results of the TCK, even if it's the 1.1 could help GNU Classpath developers to make the code more compatible with the Sun's one, and that's what we want!

lundi 28 novembre 2005

Upgrading WordPress

I updated WordPress to 1.5 on edev. There is a wonderful theme capability. I added some themes from the Alex King. You can browse the themes with the Theme Browser.

mercredi 16 novembre 2005

DevJam Oldenburg report

I finaly sent the report ;-) of course I forgot some details but you can found them on a mail from Mark

Cacao to launch Eclipse 3.1 on PowerPC

When I met (for the second time in person) twisty (Christian Thalinger, one of the CacaoVM developers), he told me Cacao was one of the fastest JVM: «It sometimes kick Sun's JVM ass... note the *sometimes*» :-D Alas, it was not possible to launch Eclipse with it, and on PowerPC, the only usable solution was the excellent JamVM. Kaffe in interpreter mode takes ages to just launch Eclipse. I received a mail somedays ago, subject was like a spam: «I did it just for you» ;-) I wanna deleted it but I remembered the name ;-) I updated GNU/Classpath CVS and CacaoVM CVS, compiled both and yes! It works! And Yes! It's really fast! (note the really!) :-D

Many thanks Christian (and other devs from CacaoVM... and all the GNU/Classpath Devs of course!)

Site en ligne

Comme nous l'avions promis, le site web Toby-Vins est en ligne. L'achat en ligne devrait être effectif à partir du 21 novembre.

More stubs in Classpath?

In my last post, I was talking about the stubs in GNU/Classpath. These classes with empty methods. It's a bad thing because you think the class and method are there but they do nothing! Last time I ran egrep on the GNU/Classpath sources I found 2617 lines with '(TODO|FIXME|(not|Not) (I|i)mplemented|XXX|UnsupportedOperationException)'. Today, I found 2901 lines.

The first reaction could be: more stubs?! But also, maybe there are more code and so, more difficulties.

update: 2005/11/16 16:03 theBohemian told me that FIXME and TODO do not always lead to stub methods

update: 2005/11/16 16:59 mjw told me that rabbit78 added TODO's on Swing empty methods (and that's a really good thing!

lundi 10 octobre 2005

#3 We Won't Hide Problems

The third point of the Debian Social Contract says that we won't hide the problems. In GNU Classpath we are now 94% of the JDK 1.4 compatibility (see the Japitool daily report), but as discussed at the Oldenburg DevJam, we must admit that there are methods that just do nothing. Being API compatible is great, but in the past, there were stubs methods (no one deos it for more than a year or two). From CVS tonight:
(sid)arnaud@oz:~/gnu/classpath$ find -name '*.java' |

xargs egrep '(TODO|FIXME|(not|Not) (I|i)mplemented|XXX|UnsupportedOperationException)' | wc -l


We need to tag all these FIXEME and TODO comments and process it with gjdoc and an XSLT stylesheet so we can easily see were we have to put our efforts.

mercredi 28 septembre 2005

Oldenburg `DevJam' meeting

Great time in Oldenburg meeting all these clever guys from the DevJam. We talked about a lot of things, try to set common practises (some can be done, a lot would take too mutch time), talked about the current toolchain status, uploaded a lot of packages and closing a lot of bugs. I also translated the bio page of Kurt Gramlich from SkoleLinux in French and he teached me screen... I always work with it now! Debian-Java guys present at the Oldenburg DevJam are working on a common report I'll send as soon as possible.

lundi 8 août 2005

Gmail reports debian bts and cvs notifications as spam!

It's been one month now that I redirect some of my mail accounts to gmail to use there spam filter... but since July 21 or so, all the Kaffe CVS notifications, pkg-java-commits, BTS notifications, some bug reports have been reported as spam! I think I read some mails, I don't know if it's because I was personally Cc'ed but I'm sure I did not receive a lot of them!

I'm very sorry if I did not respond to some of you, I'll go more often on Gmail to 'unspam' :-D

dimanche 7 août 2005

ant is going to main!..

many many many thanks to Wolfgang Baer who did what we all want: ant is goind to main!

vendredi 5 août 2005

Married for 5 years!

Yes, it's today. I was thinking about a party for month and of course I forget to plan everything!.. But well, we are still super happy with the marriage ;-)... and the house takes a lot of time!

lundi 4 juillet 2005


Yes, we did it with 8 or 9 friends! No network yet, electricity is not finished and there is a lot of work to do...

lundi 27 juin 2005

moving: d -6

Repairing the floor, repairing the walls... (if you read this, you also know I can't work on my Debian packages at the moment, nor on fr33 j4v4)

samedi 11 juin 2005

Tomcat5 in experimental... to experiment!

I've been talking about this package for a long time so I did upload it now in experimental. Be aware that I've not been able to run tomcat5 at the moment. The package build with free tools, every pieces must be in the right location, so nothing should break your system, but... tomcat5 can't run. If someone can help...

mercredi 8 juin 2005

First steps in Python

Cool language. I only wrote two simple few lines test scripts but it's really simple, fast to learn and really cool (well, maybe not as well as java ;-))

mardi 7 juin 2005

Sarge is out!

Congratulations to all the Debian Developers and special thanks to the release team. I'm so proud to be part of this wonderful project.

mardi 31 mai 2005


A company is working in my 'new' house (the house my wife and I bought, but it's built early in the 20th century). They are completely replacing the electricity. The system that was in the house before was installed 40 years ago or maybe more!

lundi 16 mai 2005


So everybody blogged about Apache Harmony project... but me ;-)

  • one more project to make Java Free Software

  • Apache community behind our goal (free java) (Apache community has a very good image at Sun, IBM and a lot of commercial companies

  • Apache community will try to get the TCK (many improvements could come from this point)

  • work hand in hand with GNU Classpath

  • ?

PS: for the record, read some explanations of Mark Wielaard and Sven de Marothy.

samedi 14 mai 2005

tomcat5 in Debian progresses

One more stopper packaged: commons-launcher! I did forget this one I don't know why. I started to package it in October 2004! I finished the package and then uploaded it. But when I tried to build tomcat5, it did not find the lib... of course, I made a mistake with symlinks. Thanks to jvw (Jeroen van Wolffelaar) kindly removed the package from the new queue so I could reupload it with a fix. Now the build of tomcat5 goes a little further... near to complete!.. I updated the Alioth's cvs so everybody can try. Infos:

lundi 2 mai 2005

libservlet2.4-java and libcommons-el-java in NEW queue

I've just uploaded libcommons-el-java, libservlet2.4-java has been uploaded some days ago. Two more stoppers to have tomcat5 are now gone! ;-) (of course, both are built with free tools -- kaffe in this case)

mercredi 27 avril 2005

Darwin's Nightmare

It's been a long time I haven't been to a cinema. I was glad my best friend Michel asked to see Darwin's Nightmare. I can't find words to describe what I saw, maybe a pointer to a London Film Festival article is better. You'll read a phrase from the director: 'It is so incredible that wherever prime raw material is discovered, systematically the locals die in misery, their sons become soldiers and their daughters are turned into servants and whores.' Hubert Sauper

vendredi 22 avril 2005

Little steps about tomcat5 in Debian

I'm still working (slowly?) to have tomcat5 in Debian. There are two stoppers I'd like to work on quickyl: libservlet2.4-java and libcommons-el-java. The first is embedded in the tomcat5 sources and it's a problem because the second relay on servlet2.4 api to build and tomcat5 needs commons-el to build (and servlet2.4)! So I have to separate the tomcat5 source package and extract servlet 2.4 api (jsr154) and jsp 2.0 api (jsr152) to make it a separate package. Once this will be built and uploaded, I'll build libcommons-el-java (with this new servlet api) and I'll investigate the tomcat5 package a little more.

vendredi 25 mars 2005

Working in my house

I'm sorry, but don't count on me this week. I'll try to read my mails, sponsor and help if I can but I'll work on my house the most of the time.

About a tomcat5 package in Debian

I start working on tomcat5 in Debian. As we have a growing and wonderful team in Debian-java (Alioth's pkg-java project), I wanna publish what I'm working on. Here is the original tarball I based my work on:
And here are the whole instructions to start hacking on the Debian package:
Happy Hacking!..

jeudi 24 mars 2005

A New House!

My wife and I did signed the official papers this March 24 2005. We have our own house... let's start to work in it!

mardi 22 mars 2005

New kaffe snapshot and Free J... Stuff

I was waiting for a new kaffe snapshot because I couldn't build kaffe cvs head on my powerbook. Now it's ok so I uploaded a new snapshot to unstable. I also try to close some bugs. In particular, the symlink bug. The hard thing is the links are made by the kaffe package and there is a KAFFE-SYSTEM symlink made by the different flavours of kaffe (jthreads, pthreads, pthreads-profile). When the kaffe-system alternative is removed first, then, the other symlink won't be removed. The work around I found was to remove the symlink and then force update-alternatives to go auto (yes, this is bad!). Kurt Roeckx also made some useful suggestions (#291510). I still have three important bugs: two FTBFS to forward upstream (amd64 and arm) and one I can downgrade to normal and merge.
We are also making a lot of progress on Moving Java To Main. Wolfgang, Michael, Jerry and I are moving some importants packages to main. The list of packages moving to main is growing...

lundi 7 février 2005

New blog definitive location!

Thanks to Mark Wielaard who told me about WordPress. I finaly installed it and will bloged with it.

dimanche 23 janvier 2005

Moving my Blog to

LiveJournal was asking if I'm an adult... and ask for my credit card to «prove it». Does a credit card prove you are an adult?! ;-)
So I've just move all my previous blogs to