dimanche 23 mai 2004

Debian will be the first to package kaffe 1.1.5!

Kaffe 1.1.5 isn't out yet. A branch has been created and the official 1.1.5 should be out next week, but I can't wait! This release integrate a lot of improvements in gnujaxp, added gjdoc as a javadoc alternative etc... Thanks to Ean who set up a machine at Brainfood and thanks to Doogie who worked a lot on the package. I've uploaded the pre1.1.5 release but it may take some times because there are some new packages built by the source...

mardi 11 mai 2004

MovingJavaToMain progress

I sent an announcement about the status of the MovingJavaToMain Debian tasks. Thanks to Takashi Okamoto who did a lot with his packages.

mardi 4 mai 2004

All night long!

It has been a long time I did not spend the whole night out! My wife and I went on the birthday of one of my best friend. A terrific night as you can see with the pictures. I saw friends (like Pocket and his girlfriend Clémentine, Nico who did not changed, Youh who will be travelling in South Corea next week for a year or more!, Axel's girlfriend Nathalie, Pipo, Jean-Pol, Phil, well known DJ Philippe Kosak, and another old school DJ I know for years!), some, I didn't meet for more than 5 years!.. Also Gilles, one of the best blues guitarist I know (maybe the only one I know but he is very good!), I didn't see him for years!.. The bad thing was we came home at 7.00am and I have to be on the tennis court at 9.00am!.. The other guy was not so good and stopped after I won 6-2 1-0!.. I came home at 8.00pm... Sunday was a hard day!..

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Debian - GNU

This week must be cooler! I hope to work on GNU ClasspathX and my Debian packages to go on the Java Move to Main project!

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Nothing to add to the free-java blog of Tom Tromey!