mardi 31 mai 2005


A company is working in my 'new' house (the house my wife and I bought, but it's built early in the 20th century). They are completely replacing the electricity. The system that was in the house before was installed 40 years ago or maybe more!

lundi 16 mai 2005


So everybody blogged about Apache Harmony project... but me ;-)

  • one more project to make Java Free Software

  • Apache community behind our goal (free java) (Apache community has a very good image at Sun, IBM and a lot of commercial companies

  • Apache community will try to get the TCK (many improvements could come from this point)

  • work hand in hand with GNU Classpath

  • ?

PS: for the record, read some explanations of Mark Wielaard and Sven de Marothy.

samedi 14 mai 2005

tomcat5 in Debian progresses

One more stopper packaged: commons-launcher! I did forget this one I don't know why. I started to package it in October 2004! I finished the package and then uploaded it. But when I tried to build tomcat5, it did not find the lib... of course, I made a mistake with symlinks. Thanks to jvw (Jeroen van Wolffelaar) kindly removed the package from the new queue so I could reupload it with a fix. Now the build of tomcat5 goes a little further... near to complete!.. I updated the Alioth's cvs so everybody can try. Infos:

lundi 2 mai 2005

libservlet2.4-java and libcommons-el-java in NEW queue

I've just uploaded libcommons-el-java, libservlet2.4-java has been uploaded some days ago. Two more stoppers to have tomcat5 are now gone! ;-) (of course, both are built with free tools -- kaffe in this case)