vendredi 25 mars 2005

Working in my house

I'm sorry, but don't count on me this week. I'll try to read my mails, sponsor and help if I can but I'll work on my house the most of the time.

About a tomcat5 package in Debian

I start working on tomcat5 in Debian. As we have a growing and wonderful team in Debian-java (Alioth's pkg-java project), I wanna publish what I'm working on. Here is the original tarball I based my work on:
And here are the whole instructions to start hacking on the Debian package:
Happy Hacking!..

jeudi 24 mars 2005

A New House!

My wife and I did signed the official papers this March 24 2005. We have our own house... let's start to work in it!

mardi 22 mars 2005

New kaffe snapshot and Free J... Stuff

I was waiting for a new kaffe snapshot because I couldn't build kaffe cvs head on my powerbook. Now it's ok so I uploaded a new snapshot to unstable. I also try to close some bugs. In particular, the symlink bug. The hard thing is the links are made by the kaffe package and there is a KAFFE-SYSTEM symlink made by the different flavours of kaffe (jthreads, pthreads, pthreads-profile). When the kaffe-system alternative is removed first, then, the other symlink won't be removed. The work around I found was to remove the symlink and then force update-alternatives to go auto (yes, this is bad!). Kurt Roeckx also made some useful suggestions (#291510). I still have three important bugs: two FTBFS to forward upstream (amd64 and arm) and one I can downgrade to normal and merge.
We are also making a lot of progress on Moving Java To Main. Wolfgang, Michael, Jerry and I are moving some importants packages to main. The list of packages moving to main is growing...