mardi 4 mai 2004

All night long!

It has been a long time I did not spend the whole night out! My wife and I went on the birthday of one of my best friend. A terrific night as you can see with the pictures. I saw friends (like Pocket and his girlfriend Clémentine, Nico who did not changed, Youh who will be travelling in South Corea next week for a year or more!, Axel's girlfriend Nathalie, Pipo, Jean-Pol, Phil, well known DJ Philippe Kosak, and another old school DJ I know for years!), some, I didn't meet for more than 5 years!.. Also Gilles, one of the best blues guitarist I know (maybe the only one I know but he is very good!), I didn't see him for years!.. The bad thing was we came home at 7.00am and I have to be on the tennis court at 9.00am!.. The other guy was not so good and stopped after I won 6-2 1-0!.. I came home at 8.00pm... Sunday was a hard day!..