mardi 16 novembre 2004

RC Bug Squasher!

A lot of RC Bugs on java packages were due to a kaffe problem on x86. A new kaffe package has been uploaded. It's not perfect but it's getting better and I could build all these packages, so closed some FTBFS bugs: Bug#276387, Bug#231875, Bug#275878, Bug#277139, Bug#277141, Bug#277374, Bug#279375, Bug#280904. About kaffe, there are still some tests failures: jthreads-x86: 8 of 144 tests failed; jthreads-ppc: 62 of 144 tests failed; pthreads-x86: 9 of 144 tests failed; pthreads-ppc: 19 of 144 tests failed. There are also some Debian specific bugs I have to manage, any help welcome ;-)