mardi 22 mars 2005

New kaffe snapshot and Free J... Stuff

I was waiting for a new kaffe snapshot because I couldn't build kaffe cvs head on my powerbook. Now it's ok so I uploaded a new snapshot to unstable. I also try to close some bugs. In particular, the symlink bug. The hard thing is the links are made by the kaffe package and there is a KAFFE-SYSTEM symlink made by the different flavours of kaffe (jthreads, pthreads, pthreads-profile). When the kaffe-system alternative is removed first, then, the other symlink won't be removed. The work around I found was to remove the symlink and then force update-alternatives to go auto (yes, this is bad!). Kurt Roeckx also made some useful suggestions (#291510). I still have three important bugs: two FTBFS to forward upstream (amd64 and arm) and one I can downgrade to normal and merge.
We are also making a lot of progress on Moving Java To Main. Wolfgang, Michael, Jerry and I are moving some importants packages to main. The list of packages moving to main is growing...