vendredi 22 avril 2005

Little steps about tomcat5 in Debian

I'm still working (slowly?) to have tomcat5 in Debian. There are two stoppers I'd like to work on quickyl: libservlet2.4-java and libcommons-el-java. The first is embedded in the tomcat5 sources and it's a problem because the second relay on servlet2.4 api to build and tomcat5 needs commons-el to build (and servlet2.4)! So I have to separate the tomcat5 source package and extract servlet 2.4 api (jsr154) and jsp 2.0 api (jsr152) to make it a separate package. Once this will be built and uploaded, I'll build libcommons-el-java (with this new servlet api) and I'll investigate the tomcat5 package a little more.