jeudi 20 juillet 2006

Free Software in education

On July 10 my trainees started a project on Sourceforge called bibliotheque.

The training is about web development (Java, Perl, Python, Javascript, SQL) and the whole six month day time courses, they use Debian GNU/Linux (guess why ;-)) (well, some installed Ubuntu on their laptop).

The last big exercice is often a pain because they are looking for a job and they have a lot of interviews. So we decided the last project to be team oriented.

I have the idea to publish it on Sourceforge so they can learn all how to use Bug tracker, Subversion tools the way we do in Free Software. Also, it's amazing to see the enthousiasme of the trainees about a project that is published. Even those who are not 'so good coders' did a lot of things like documentation, logos, maintaining the MediaWiki website (french).

The web application they are doing is made with tools they'll use in companies: Struts, Hibernate; they also use patterns like DAO, MVC; and they'll try to integrate AJAX in the application. Congratulation to this group.

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