lundi 19 mars 2007

jboss-hibernate in Debian

Today, I first fix debian/copyright file in libjazzy-java as it was rejected by ftp-masters.

Then, I started to work on packaging jboss-hibernate in Debian. Marcus Better already filed some ITP's and I'm using them, change the owner when I'm ready to work on a package and upload it.

#385569: ITP: jboss-hibernate -- object/relational persistence service for Java

The good thing with the way Marcus worked is he filed ITP's and then send 'block' instructions to BTS, so it's easy to see what should be packaged first:

  • Fix blocked by #386100: ITP: c3p0 -- library for JDBC connection pooling;

  • Fix blocked by #386101: ITP: cglib -- code generation library for Java;

  • Fix blocked by #386102: ITP: javassist -- library for editing bytecodes in Java;

  • Fix blocked by #386103: ITP: ehcache -- distributed cache library;

I'm working on c3p0 at the moment but building it with gcj from unstable is not possible at the moment so I'll have to install gcj from experimental and target c3p0 to experimental as well.

I also filed a bug against mx4j to package the new upstream...