vendredi 11 mai 2007

libjarjar-java_1.0~rc3.dfsg.1-1 in the new queue

but if you can't wait, you can add my people.d.o repo.
    Next step:
  • #418678 ITP: trove4j -- high performance collections for java objects and primitive type

  • #418579 ITP: aspectwerkz -- AOP framework for Jav

  • #386101 ITP: cglib -- code generation library for Java

  • #419363 ITP: xmlcommons-external -- stable version of XMI-related externally-defined standards-based code

  • #417888 batik: new upstream version

  • #419761 libstruts1.2-java: newer upstream versions available

Also, while building jarjar, I submitted some patches to fix warnings (but I don't see my mail on the list archive at the moment).