mardi 4 décembre 2007

Will Alexendria support XMLRPC or SOAP interface

I've just tried the Mylyn Eclipse plug-in and it's really a great plug-in to manage tasks, bugs and so. It's capable to show only files you shoudld be working on, count time you spend on a task and update task note or comment it. I did not try the Bugzilla or Trac connector but the Generic web connector to interact with Sourceforge.

An very good feature would be a better interaction with Sourceforge, but reading bug reports against Mylyn, the blocker is an XMLRPC or a SOAP interface to the Sourceforge bug tracking software. That's why I filed a bug at Sourceforge

2 commentaires:

  1. Nice post. I have seen Mylyn pop up over and over again, but have not played with it. I second your wish of SF integration!

    BTW, with which open source development tools does Mylyn nicely work?

  2. Trac, Bugzilla and it has a "web query interface" so I can see bugs and features requests when they pop up, but I have to update them throught a web client/or the web view of Eclipse.