samedi 25 août 2007

Argouml in Debian

My last upload of ArgoUML was 14 October 2005. Since that time, I tried to build ArgoUML from sources each time a new release was on out. Unfortunately, ArgoUML was using the MDR module from NetBeans and this module is not yet in Debian and this module uses the JMI api which is under the Sun's binary license. I first rewrote the API (just some interfaces) under the GNU/Classpathx project so I could package the api for Debian.

Now, after uploading new releases of libgef-java and libtoolbar-java, I'll have a look at mdr and also the mdrant task which is requiered to build ArgoUML.

It was the first package I worked for in Debian and as always been the more complicated to build!

Note that I already resolved a lot of bugs and marked them as pending as they are solved in the pkg-java's svn repo.

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