lundi 13 août 2007

Java TCK available to OpenJDK implementations

A post from Andrew Haley that explain the position of most (IMHO) free software developers about the decision of Sun. Other GNU Classpath friends blog about it (you can read some on and welcome the move of Sun about the license of the TCK... but in the current state, gcj, kaffe, aka VM's not based on OpenJDK; or Harmony, aka VM's not under GLP, can't use the TCK.

See also the posts of Dalibor Topic and the one from
Roman Kenke. It's interesting to also read the response of Simon Phipps. It's another proof that Sun is really involved in the "Free Java" process. Even if some process could be faster, even if they have a very different way of working (Free software is often more "public"), they are doing a real good work.

I'd like to point the work of Gary Benson on porting OpenJDK to ppc! Being able to build OpenJDK on powerpc if very appreciated (at least by me! ;-)).

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