mercredi 16 novembre 2005

Cacao to launch Eclipse 3.1 on PowerPC

When I met (for the second time in person) twisty (Christian Thalinger, one of the CacaoVM developers), he told me Cacao was one of the fastest JVM: «It sometimes kick Sun's JVM ass... note the *sometimes*» :-D Alas, it was not possible to launch Eclipse with it, and on PowerPC, the only usable solution was the excellent JamVM. Kaffe in interpreter mode takes ages to just launch Eclipse. I received a mail somedays ago, subject was like a spam: «I did it just for you» ;-) I wanna deleted it but I remembered the name ;-) I updated GNU/Classpath CVS and CacaoVM CVS, compiled both and yes! It works! And Yes! It's really fast! (note the really!) :-D

Many thanks Christian (and other devs from CacaoVM... and all the GNU/Classpath Devs of course!)