mercredi 30 novembre 2005

What about Classpath 1.1?

Yes, we already talked about it sometimes: what is the compatibility target of GNU Classpath with the official Sun's Java classes library? Everybody skipped JDK1.0. About JDK1.1, there are two objections: the first is who does still use JDK1.1?; the second is with all those progresses in Swing, XML and all the API's that are not in JDK1.1, it'd be a strange idea to remove all these API's from Classpath! Imagine the work of all the hackers involved. I can understand the two points and I even agree with them. But we have at the time I write this entry Classpath is 99.78% compatible with the JDK1.1 API! OK, you can say that Classpath is 97.61%, but there is still some non trivial work to be done in packages javax.swing.text, javax.swing.text.html, and maybe in some other packages.

The point of this blog entry is: Couldn't someone ask Sun for passing the TCK1.1 with Classpath? The someone could be Debian (of course, I have to ask other developers, the DPL and maybe the SPI) if the license of the TCK is acceptable and if it's not too expansive. But well... it's for TCK1.1!.. It shouldn't be so expansive ;-)

I'm sure the results of the TCK, even if it's the 1.1 could help GNU Classpath developers to make the code more compatible with the Sun's one, and that's what we want!