mercredi 16 novembre 2005

More stubs in Classpath?

In my last post, I was talking about the stubs in GNU/Classpath. These classes with empty methods. It's a bad thing because you think the class and method are there but they do nothing! Last time I ran egrep on the GNU/Classpath sources I found 2617 lines with '(TODO|FIXME|(not|Not) (I|i)mplemented|XXX|UnsupportedOperationException)'. Today, I found 2901 lines.

The first reaction could be: more stubs?! But also, maybe there are more code and so, more difficulties.

update: 2005/11/16 16:03 theBohemian told me that FIXME and TODO do not always lead to stub methods

update: 2005/11/16 16:59 mjw told me that rabbit78 added TODO's on Swing empty methods (and that's a really good thing!